Share your experiences!

Looking at the Zorgkaart Nederland, we see only few experiences from transgender people. On this site we have listed the URL of the providers of transgender care on Zorgkaart Nederland. We would like to ask you to share your experiences (anonymously) too, to help the people who come after you!


Filing a complaint

If you are not satisfied about your treatment, you can say that during the treatment. You can also file a complaint. It is not recommended to file a complaint during the diagnostic phase: it would be a waste if you have first waited for months, then had multiple meetings with the psychologist, and then have the care provider conclude "that you are looking for a different treatment than I can offer; you’d better choose another psychologist or follow a different route" – thereby closing the door to your permission for hormones or operations. In that case, you would have to start from scratch again with a different care provider.

After the end of the diagnostic phase, the situation is different: the psychologist no longer has a way to exert pressure on you and therefore you can complain without direct negative implications for your treatment.


Why file a complaint?

With a complaint you indicate that you do not agree with the way you have been treated. This forces your care provider to think again whether there really wouldn’t have been different ways of working, or just make your complaints more widely known amongst their colleagues (and supervisors). It also makes it possible to speak with your care provider on a (more) equal level.

Complaints also have a statistical value. Example: we know the gender team at VUmc is in the top-5 of departments at VUmc that get complaints. Unfortunately, little is done with these complaints. The fact that the gender team is in the top-5 of departments receiving complaints clearly indicates that transgender people do not agree with the way the VUmc provides care. Sooner or later somebody will have to take action upon these statistics...

If you are not satisfied about the care you have received and you do not complain about it, you let your care provider continue to provide care in a way that is bad for the transgender people who come after you.


Report your complaint to Transvisie

We would like to ask you to also report your complaint to Transvisie.  They can use this information in meetings with the care providers concerned, but also when they speak with health care insurance companies or politicians.