At the end of September 2016 we submitted a proposal ("abstract") for a workshop at the EPATH in Belgrade. We would have liked to do a workshop in which we, after a presentation about the disadvantages of gatekeeping and the qualities of the Informed Consent model, wanted to discuss the pros and cons of gatekeeping from all points of view: we wanted to ask doctors which advantages they see and ask psychologists whether they are able to provide these advantages. By looking at gatekeeping from all points of view we were hoping that more endocrinologists and surgeons would be willing to make the decision who they want to help themselves, so that the psychologist and the multi-disciplinary gender team wouldn’t have a decision-making role any longer. We feel that psychologists can better use their time in good guidance and aftercare, on a voluntary basis.


The proposal can be downloaded here. The EPATH in Belgrade will be held from 6-8 April 2017, for more information about EPATH see this site.



Unfortunately our proposal for the EPATH has been rejected. The assessors have also indicated why: "Thank you very much for your proposal for a workshop. As we do for every proposal, yours has been judged by independent professionals in the field. Unfortunately the assessors have rated your proposal quite low on technical advantages, readability and originality, so we have had to reject your proposal for a workshop".