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We are a group of Dutch transgender people who want to help other transgender persons. This initiative has arisen from the Facebook group "Verkeerde Aannames Transgender Zorg". This group was started in 2014 and is creating an overview of erroneous assumptions (mainly) amongst care providers for transgender people, at the moment the group has about 70 members. This group has done a poster presentation at the EPATH in Ghent in 2015. This poster is still online, together with an explanation: See


Transgender people

We read and write in the following Dutch language Facebook groups:

- Platform Transgender Info

- Verkeerde Aannames Transgender Zorg (no transgender care providers allowed)


If you have comments or suggestions for this site, we would like to hear those via the Facebook group Verkeerde Aannames Transgender Zorg. If you don’t have access to that group yet, ask for that in the group Platform Transgender Info.


We also write in the following English language Facebook group:

- WPATH Standards of Care 7


If you prefer to ask questions or share suggestions in private, please contact Frederique: info (at) StopGatekeeping (dot) nl. Keep in mind that a question in a Facebook group is always answered more quickly than a question in email! We reply to all earnest messages within 1 or 2 weeks.  


General practitioners, endocrinologists, surgeons, psychologists

If you want more information, or organize a workshop about this subject, please contact us via info (at) StopGatekeeping (dot) nl.

If you want to give us suggestions anonymously and don’t know how to do that, look at the page anonymous suggestions.


If we have questions about your message, we will usually send you an email – unless you explicitly indicate you prefer a different method to communicate.

We reply to all earnest messages within 1 or 2 weeks.


Other countries

If you are from abroad and you want to offer help to other transgender people to prevent or impede gatekeeping in your own country, please contact us via info (at) StopGatekeeping (dot) nl.
We reply to all earnest messages within 1 or 2 weeks.


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